Reiki Courses Franchise

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Do you want to build your Reiki Practice with a proven formula?

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This is for you if...

You are serious about starting or growing your own Reiki Practice.

A Reiki Courses Franchise gives you:

A Ready to Go Website

You get a fully ready to go Reiki website and Reiki Courses domain name.


Get training on the following topics: - Running a Reiki business.
- Getting new customers.
- Giving treatments and courses.

Client Referrals

Where possible we will refer customers to you who want a treatment or wish to learn Reiki .


All of my marketing and admin tools will be available: Certificate templates, sign up forms, confirmation emails and much more.

Support and Help

At any time you can come to us for help and support.

Use the Reiki Courses Brand

You may use the trusted Reiki Courses name and logo.

How is it to get help from Justin with your business ?

I can recommend a "Justin lesson" to any freelancer.

Great that Justin wanted to share his marketing and business experience with us! Nice to get some new inspiration and insight through his comprehensive approach. An incredible amount of information was given.  So much that I actually would most like to hire Justin to get things right in my business and my life :-) . I can recommend a "Justin lesson" to any freelancer. It makes you think,  act and take the next steps. I would have like to have heard these lesson 6 years ago when I was starting my own company, it would have saved a lot of time and energy and money.

Dokus Dagelet

Justin's internet marketing training was fantastic!

Justin's internet marketing training was fantastic! His knowledge of how to promote and grow your business, build a clientele and keep them engaged is very motivating. I learned exactly what I'm missing and how to move forward. With his generous passion to share what he's become a pro in he proves that combining spirituality and success are truly possible :-) Thanks for your kind support Justin!!

Pauline Moret

I have been applying Justin's strategies and had 3 paying clients this week . . . a milestone for me.

Fay Watkins